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What is clay plaster?

Clay is an ancient construction material, which has been used as a decorative finish in many types of buildings for thousands of years. Plaster is a mixture of clay and sand that makes a beautiful, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plaster and paint. One of the most unique characteristics of clay that distinguishes it from other binders such as gypsum or lime is that it has a mechanical set, that is to say it undergoes no chemical change from a wet to a dry plaste . Clay plaster can be a very environmentally friendly, low-impact way to finish walls.Nowadays, clay plasters come in many different colours and finishes and can be easily applied to a variety of wall and ceiling surfaces


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clay plaster

Clay plasters contribute to a very healthy indoor air quality. As clay has a high degree of permeability it helps to regulate humidity in the air. At as low as 50% relative humidity clay plasters will act as a reservoir, adsorbing excess humidity out of the air and releasing it later as humidity levels in the air diminish. Using clay plasters and paints is a simple way to reduce reverberation and clay boards are one of the most effective ways to prevent sound transmission through internal walls/floors available.


clay plaster

Clay plasters ,are also much less reflective of sound.

Clay plasters contribute to a very healthy indoor air quality.

Clay plasters is composed of 100% natural materials and has many benefits for the health and wellbeing of your family

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